An Overview of Salt Nic Vape Devices

Nicotine salt is highly popular in the vaping market today. In fact, it is a new craze as it promises to give you an improved vaping experience similar to the rush of nicotine that you get when you smoke a regular cigarette. The vaping market is buzzing over nicotine salt as it gives both vapers and regular smokers the chance to fulfill their cravings for nicotine.

Are salt nic vape devices for everyone?

Salt nic vape devices are not for those who do not know what it is. You first need to understand its essence before use. Nicotine salt is only meant for those who believe that the current products available in the vaping market are not sufficient to satisfy their cravings for nicotine. So, if you are a beginner in the vaping industry, you need to know what it means before you invest in the right devices for nicotine salts to enhance your vaping experience.

Nicotine salts versus e-juices

You may ponder as to why these nicotine salts are popular than the current products for vaping available in the market. Experts in the field say nicotine salts are not better as vaping is a personal preference, so it is rather unfair to call one product better than the other. People generally take up vaping to move away from regular smoking. The e-juices available in the market have a substance known as freebase nicotine.

There are some key differences between nicotine salts and freebase nicotine. They are the following-

  1. Nicotine salts give you a smoother hit to the throat.
  2. When you use nicotine salt devices, you absorb nicotine much better than conventional e-juices.

From the above, it is evident that you can choose nicotine salts for a smooth throat hit if you can vape higher nicotine levels.

Devices for nicotine salts

The devices that you use for nicotine salts are not the same as regular vapers that emit huge vaping clouds. These salts are not recommended for sub-ohm devices that have high powers. This is because of the intense levels of nicotine in the nic salts.

The nicotine salts deploy higher nicotine strengths, for instance, 50mg levels of nicotine compared to the regular 3 or 6mg of nicotine that you find in regular e-juices. The devices that have a low wattage are ideal for the nicotine salt as one does not have to consume the same levels of nicotine in a device with high power.

When you buy nicotine salts devices in the market, you will find two types of devices with a low wattage-

  1. The open system- This device can be refilled manually. You need to purchase e-liquids with nicotine salts that come in different bottle sizes and strengths.
  • The closed system- You need to refill the e-juices with nicotine salt by buying pods or cartridges that come in pack sizes if four at different levels of nicotine.

Experts in the vaping industry caution that you must ensure they do not have high sub-ohms when you are buying salt nic vape devices. This will curb the risks of an overdose of nicotine consumption.