Benefits of Face yoga

It is not only the body muscles which gets stressed and requires exercising and toning.

More than 50 muscles of our face are also equally crucial. Every time we smile, squint, chat, eat or stare at screen, our facial muscles tense up.

Performing face yoga helps relax these muscles and perform facial muscle toning.

It is a series of particular face yoga poses which increases blood circulation, strengthens muscles and gives you access to all the following face yoga benefits.

  1. Strengthens your facial muscles

With the increment in our age, our skin starts to sag with the appearance of unwanted wrinkles and fine lines.

The increased blood circulation promotes collagen, the vital protein to keep our skin firm and taut.

Moreover, the strengthened facial muscles increase elasticity which prevents wrinkles.

  1. Healthy glow to your face

Performing face yoga increases blood circulation which means more fresh oxygenated blood is flowing through your skin. As your skin cells are fed nutrients properly, fresh blood flowing through face creates natural flush combats acne problems.

  • Releases tension from your face and neck muscles

Tension builds up in our face and neck muscles because of repeated facial expressions or overuse of screen.

Yoga poses like brow furrow, slack jack helps these muscles to release tension and allows you to relax.

  • Toned face

Out of those 50 muscles, some of them are rarely used. If you want to raise your cheekbones, define your jawline and smooth your laugh lines, face yoga works best in toning your face.

With the help of facelift exercises, you can shape your facial muscles and enhance the features you want.

  • All natural

It is all natural. You no longer have to risk your skin for the numerous skin tightening injections and fillers which has haunting side effects and costs so much money.