Oil Diesel Fuel Water Pump 12V Transfer Pump for Car Caravan Marine Boat

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1. When it works first should put clean diesel pump in the middle of diesel bucket does not allow empty load operation.
2. Pay attention to the load capacity of bucket when the pump is running do not exceed load capacity line.
3. The pump is strictly prohibited pumping gasoline alcohol and other flammable liquids.
4. Do not chage the anode and cathode of battery clamp.

Compact and lightweight design.
Extremely efficient very low current draw and offer high capacity output.
Ideal for use when pumping from external kerosene/diesel containers.
This pump is a simple low cost solution for water diesel systems for motorhome caravan camper van & marine applications.

Color: gold
Material: aluminum alloy
Voltage: DC 12V
Motor racing speed: 8500r / min
Motor racing current: 0.2A
Pump racing maxima current: 1.5A
Flow: 12L / min
Nozzle diameter: 16mm
Pump Diameter: 38mm
Pressure head: 2.5m
Cable length: 3m
Package size: 18 * 9 * 5cm / 7 * 2.6 * 2in
Package weight: 334g / 11.8oz

Package List:
1 * Diesel Fuel Pump