Strength All Metal 135 Reel with Durable CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body Fly 135 Reel Size:50.0

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Material: aluminum alloy
Model 40- diameter 4 cm - weight 85 G - capacity line 100 3 M
Model 50- diameter 5 cm - weight 95 G - capacity line 100 4 m
Model 60- diameter 6 cm - weight 105 G - capacity line 100 5 m
Production process: the main line and round with carved Aluminum Alloy formed after precision machining, the surface of the high-end pearl nickel plating color or paint processing, stainless steel parts.
Features: the use of disc brake system, adjustable discharge capacity. Non backlash rebound one-way bearing design, left and right hand swap.
Outgoing ticking alarm, general standard casters, can be easily installed in the pipe type or plate type wheel seat.